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How To Hire a Developer
nter your team preferences: Remote | Hybrid | On-Site
CodeFirst allows you to hire a developer without any effort. First, select the engagement model for your project:
  • Hire our top remote developers drawn from a global talent pool. Start quickly and save money.
  • Choose the hybrid model to combine the benefit and expertise of an expert developer who works on your premises and leads the project while working with other remote developers online.
  • Select on-site developers when your project needs a high degree of collaboration and first-hand advice from experts.
ssign your project needs and budget
No matter what your requirements, we’ll find the right developers for your project. We take into account your specifications and budget to find the most qualified developers every time.
tart working with first-class developers
When you hire a developer, you can ask him/her to follow your own system or, if you like, we’ll provide advice on the best approach for your project.
  • Our developers make sure communication is fluent by using tools like Skype, Slack, Visual Studio Team Services or Jira. We also created our own project management tool PlanITpoker which is free for our clients to use.
  • To manage the project, we advise our clients to use Scrum with weekly sprints. We help you with the tools, setting up the environment and processes whenever you need.
  • Your satisfaction is very important to us. We provide you with a technical account manager who will ensure your project is running correctly and is optimised at all times.
ield the profits
  • Save money from the beginning. Forget about the cost of hiring with an IT recruitment agency. CodeFirst delivers first-class developers more quickly and for less.
  • Optimise your Costs. As you don't have to engage in long-term contracts with our developers, you can reduce the costs of maintaining your staff.
  • Premium ROI. We optimise your investment in the short and long-term, thanks to the great results and performance our developers deliver.
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